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About Us

hrbrfrnt in a seashell
we're inspired by the sea, lakes and oceans-- ever changing, ever growing, ever providing.
we believe that salt water is good for you.
the sea on vacation, sweat at the gym (and even a good cry) do wonders for your physical and mental well-being.
they change you and help you grow.
we want to be there for these important moments in your life.
love, comfortability, functionality and simplicity.
it's simple. part of being Canadian is our inherent generosity and compelling need to help others.
everything and everyone in this world exists because it is in relation to another thing or being. knowing this and fully understanding this, we know we can make a difference and help those who need it.
we donate a portion of every purchase to causes that mean the most to us.
more details will be revealed upon our apparel collection launch!
together, we will change the world.

no matter where life takes you, thank you for including us on your journey.
listen to the waves. feel the magic. life's a beach.
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