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workout out during pregnancy

prenatal resistance workouts · · ·

resistance training is proven to help with both postpartum recovery and relief from pregnancy discomforts such as back pain, poor posture, fatigue and insomnia. it may also help you feel like you've regained control of things!

  • pelvic tilts
    • are perfect for sciatica relief and labour preparation.
  • wide squats and leg lifts
    • ideal for strengthening your legs to support you and baby.
    • kegel exercises
      • keep your pelvic floor strong against the pressures of pregnancy and delivery;
      • your pelvic floor supports your bladder, small intestine, rectum and uterus. fecal and urine control, anyone?

    safety first, always

    things can change daily. listen to your body (and baby)! work with how you feel, moving very slowly, staying comfortable. practice proper form and, most importantly, seek your doctor's advice.


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